About Us

TOSEDA s.r.o. is an SME that was established as a business company in 2010. Two year later the company expanded and changed the main activity to contract research and development and small scale production of specialty polymeric systems. The leading R&D areas are nanotechnologies and environmentally friendly technologies. TOSEDA has recently 7 employees. The R&D Center located in TechnoPark Pardubice occupies area of 130 m2.
The main activity of TOSEDA is design of novel polymeric materials for hi-tech applications and development of environmentally friendly procedures for production of green polymeric materials. The R&D activities and scale-up of the custom designed polymeric systems are supported by analytical and testing laboratories. TOSEDA also provides consultation services.

  • R&D
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Environmentally Friendly Technologies
  • Small Scale Production
  • Analytical and Testing Services
  • Consultation Services

Our laboratories are under continuous development. Recently we have are fully equipped for synthesis of special type of polymeric binders, surface modifications of nanoparticles and basic characterization of nanomaterials. Investment into new equipment for our laboratories due to steadily growing demands for high precision and product quality is one of the priorities of our company.



The research and development team of TOSEDA has reach experiences with preparation and coordination of many projects from national to international stature...



Synthesis, tailored surface modification and dispersion of nanostructures, formulation and preparation of polymeric systems…



Synthesis, preparation and formulation of special types of monomers and polymeric systems based on renewable resources…